Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Learning Style

One afternoon in Rogate, we were assigned 2 tests that we had to take: The Gardner and Gregorc tests both are designed to show you how you learn things best, and who you really are.  Not only that, but I think that these tests also were designed to try and teach you something new about yourself.  I definetly think that it does.  For the Gardner Multiple Choice Intelligence Test, I turned out to be a Logical/Mathamatical, and Musical learner.  At first, I didn't really know what to think about those results.  (If you have read my first post then you would understand this); I was surprised when I didn't turn out to be a Linguistic learner.  I absolutely love to write and just the subject of writing always has been one of my best.  I thought that I would have scored highly in that one.  However, my overall score was sadly only about 2.   But...then I thought about it some more, and some more...and just a teeny bit more...and then I realized that the test actually made sense!  I did learn best Logically/ Mathematically as well as Musically. 

Learning and being taught something always had made so much more sense with logic involved.  I really do like puzzles and logcic problems now that I think about it, maybe at times even more than writing.  I thought about writing class and about grammar, spelling, words, etc,etc, and came to the realization that it was kind of difficult to learn through words and stories.  I thought about Math and Algebra and about how I ALWAYS look forward to that class.  It is one of my favorites.  Even when there is a test or quiz, I can't help but feel a little excited.  It all is so clear to me and...simple.  There is an unknown: solve for it...there is one answer - find it.  When I was in the Gifted and Talented Program at my elementary school, for homework there would be logic worksheets with fun problems and puzzles on them that I would always save for the last bit of my homework for that night because it was always my favorite.  Each summer when my mother buys me summer workbooks for the summer, I always fly through the math and logic problems and end up either skipping or going slower on the language arts and written out responses.

The other part of the Gardner Test that I scored equally in was: Musical Learner.  I play the piano and flute, and I love both of them. Notes, rythms, beats all tie into math and logic.  It may seem after I have written 2, long paragraphs about how I am a mathematical and logical learner, that I wouldn't really be musically inclined.  However, I am.  When music is involved, many things are also much easier to understand.  To find out that I was a musical learner was also a bit of a surprise too; I really didn't expect that, but now that it has turned out that way, it does make alot of sense. 

Now, the second test that I took was the Gredroc Learning/Teaching Styles Who They Are and How They Learn.  My results for this test were really accurate I thought.  I ended up as a Concrete Sequencial and Abstract Sequential person.  Concrete Sequential basically means the same thing as a Logical and Mathematical learner, which I have thoroughly explained in the previous paragraphs.  I am ordered, structured, accurate, detailed, exact, etc.  I am associated with outlines, charts, data, labs, computers, short lectures, etc.  I obviously agree with that result.  Abstract Sequential means that I am a very logical, structured, and intellectual person.  I am a thinker, a reader and researcher, and a debater.  I like to take notes, research, read, work alone and in groups, etc.  I definitely have to say that I agree with that one too.  That style of learning really describes me.  I didn't really know that about myself until my final results.  I realized that it was all true and I had never even realized it.  That is where my writing and reading skills come into play.

Knowing all of these facts about how I learn best definitely can help me in school.  I now know that taking notes, researching information, reading more about the subject, and maybe even making a chart for all of the information for a project in school will all help me to study better. 

There are ALOT of people that I admire, but I know that I just have to pick 2 so here they are!

1. Mrs. Elizabeth Janey (My piano teacher) - My piano teacher truly is someone whom I will ALWAYS admire.  Not only for her amazing talent, but her artistic albilities, acting, and singing.  She is someone whom I can always trust no matter what, and has made me the pianist that I am today.  I would say that she definetly is a Musical Learner.  When it comes to music, she is an expert.  Music, especially piano, is the one thing that is always teaching her something new, and that she never tires of.  She says that music has truly taught her alot and she wouldn't know what to do without it; it is her life.

2. Marie Curie - Marie Curie was a French-Polish physicist and chemist.  She was the first woman scientist to earn the Nobel Peace Prize and paved the path for many new scientists to come.  She even  made the discovery of two new elements: polonium and radium!  I would definetly say that Marie Curie is a Logical/Mathematical learner.  She experimented, questioned, and calcualted in order to learn more and become an even better scientist.

3.My Grandmother: Coralia Mojena - My grandmother may not be a famous, world-wide known celeberty, but she still is to me.  She is the one of the hardest workest I have EVER seen.  When she was about my age, she cooked, cleaned, sewed, and took care of her parents when they were ill.  She still cooks amost every night for my family, and she is 83.  She goes outside to water the plants in the patio, even when we try and tell her to stay inside.  She always is helping out, and does more than me!  I would definetly say that she is an Intra-Personal learner. (Though, she doesn't meditate) She is queit and sets her own goals and sees that she accomplishes them.  However, she isn't isolated from the family.  She is very involved with all of us. 

Well, thats about it!  I hope that you now know more about which learning style is best for me, and what I have learned about myself.  Stay tuned for more posts! :)


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  1. Wow, Marissa! I was so pleased with your thorough self-reflection in this post. You did a very nice job of evaluating your results and including personal experiences to support your points. Although I was never amazing at math, I can understand what you mean to be excited by a math quiz and the fact that there's one right answer to arrive at. You are such a well-rounded learner with so many skills! Your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman.


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