Monday, April 7, 2014

Passion Project Reflection

We have now almost reached the halfway mark of our 20% projects. So far I am very proud of how far I have come. For the previous 20% project I completed most of it at home, and even though I learned the same amount as I would have in class, I would prefer to do the majority in class. I have researched as many techniques as I can possibly find for both Watercolor and Oil paintings. I also am about halfway with the ink drawing. I am not sure yet if I am going to do a fourth piece if artwork; I most likely will not as I do not have much time left. Once I have gathered all of the techniques I will then proceed to make paint or draw each of these pieces that I have learned about, practicing and using as many techniques that I have learned. The painting will be done at home but I still have to finish gathering all of the techniques, which should not take too long. I plan on finishing this project early. I am making good progress, and working more efficiently than I did with my previous Passion Project. I am so excited to see how my artwork and the rest of this project turns out!

I have not hit any major roadblocks yet, other than the fact that it was a bit difficult finding oil painting techniques; the Watercolor were very easy to find. However, that didn't last for long as I eventually find some good methods to use. I most likely will not make a PowerPoint slide for each of my pieces of artwork as I want to stray away a bit from PowerPoint for this project, and explain about the paintings verbally and with perhaps another visual aid. This project is going great so far and I can't wait for next Friday to work on it more!